Brian Hinkle
Birds & Cats (Animals I live with)
Romeo the 3 year old Lilac Crowned Amazon likes
destroying wood toys, eating everything (especially
Cheerios), and talking!
Princess the 2 1/2 year old Grey Cockatiel likes sitting on Cynthia's shoulder
telling her what to do!
Charlie the 3 year old Celestial Parrotlet likes to hang out in his
cage eating seed.  He thinks he's bigger than he really is (which is
very very small, by the way)!
Juno & Julius are 5 year old brothers we adopted from an animal rescue.
 I don't think they knew they were joining a flock of birds!
Alex Bulloch (my step-son) with
Princess perched on finger.
Charlie, the micro-bird
poses with a twenty!
Juno (typical pose)
Julius looking angelic
And a fond farewell to Columbo (the double yellow head Amazon) and Scoobi (the Blue Crown Conure).  
loved, and they will be missed.  I hope that they find happiness in their new homes.