Brian Hinkle
Original Paintings ~ Fine Art  
Weclome to Brian's Studio!

In the unfinished basement of an 85 year old home, Brian's painting Studio is not what many would consider an ideal work space.  Plenty of clutter, dust, spiders
and noise (from the washing machine, dryer and furnace).  Cynthia calls it the "Painting Dungeon".

It may be lacking North light and and short on inspirational ambiance, but it's where a lot of art making gets done!
Brian likes to listen to classical music while he
paints.  Symphonies by Shostakovich,
Prokofiev, Sibelius, and Brahms are some of
his favorites.  Anything performed by
conductor Valerie Gergiev is woth a listen, too.
Here's where it all happens!
Brian has lots and lots
of tubes of paint!
The cats like to visit the studio, too.